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welcome to my world. it is filled with
dreams - i am a dreamer. i have a lot of them.
doodles - in 6th grade my teacher called me out on it
yummy food - we love tasting menus (joel robichon in vegas is our fave) but equally love deep dish chicago style pizza - namely conan's savage in austin, tx
the phone - i am a social butterfly, my 5th grade teacher called me out on that
bare feet - unless the shoes are really fabulous (like betsey johnsons or louboutins - come on brides you know you want em!)
wine - we love it
coffee - it is how i get through the day and most certainly the fall season
reality tv + csi + criminal minds + true blood + dexter = love
movies - mildred pierce, the hangover, any good sappy love story - i love love
music - the killers, vampire weekend, the drums, black eyed peas, houses, pearl jam, dance music (especially when jeremy is involved)
travelling - anywhere and everywhere we can
fabulous friends - they keep me sane and smiling

my fabulous hubby - jeremy - i am madly in love with him
our 5 kids - yes 5 - that is not a typo and yep they are incredible and all over my website - i made them their own gallery if you wanna check it out!

and oh yeah - my camera! i am a canon girl through and through. i shoot with a 5D Mark II and all the L lenses that I can get my hands on. i am an equipment junkie and promise you that i will have the absolute best equipment available for our session. i have backups for my backups. life can get crazy and so can equipment. hopefully they both don't decide to go crazy at the same time, but if they do, i am ready for it!

let's see... what else can i tell you about me?

when i was 10 my dad gave me my first slr camera and i haven't looked back since.

i absolutely love life and i love photographing it. it is my passion and i count my lucky stars every day that i get to do something that i love.

i love the little things about life. the ones that we tend to overlook, but then when we think back to times past they are the most wonderful things we remember. that is what I love about a photograph. instantly we can be brought back to those moments. a certain look that can melt your heart, or make you laugh so hard you can't stand it. a photograph that is undoubtebly "them". my goal is to capture those amazing moments for you and give them to you to last for generations.

i hope you enjoy my world... it is fun. it is a bit crazy. but it is always fabulous.

i am happy you are here.


home is where your heart is

home is where your heart is

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