It’s the most wonderful time of the year….

Oct 26, 2021

Which means it’s time to get your pictures on the calendar!

If you are like me it is really hard to plan *too* far in advance – especially when you have older children!

I need a solid 2 weeks and I am pretty good.

So I am giving you a good range of dates to choose from starting in just under 2 weeks 😉 {do unto others, right?!?}

I am doing it a bit differently this year after taking the last few years a bit more slowly – there are more dates than I have ever done before as far as minis are concerned BUT WAY less spots available on each day. So if you see something that works for you, send me an email or a text ASAP! Everyone will be answered in the order received.

And as always – if you don’t see anything that works send me an email with what does work for you and I can see what we can do!

If you want more time than what a mini offers – if you have a large family or extended family – or if you just have a super FABULOUS idea that you want to collaborate on then message me ASAP so we can find a date!

If it works out and I get to see your fabulous families this year – YAY! If not and we have to see each other in the New Year – YAY for 2022!!!

Regardless, I am wishing all of you a FABULOUS Holiday Season!!!!!

Peace, Love and Fabulous!



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